We buy from two clothing manufacturers. Both have various cerifications to ensure that the production is carried out according to strict environmental, social and ethical requirements. This ensures that we as buyers, and you as consumer, can rely on the clothing being produced in a sustainable way.

The manufacturer we use for sweaters and hoodies have the following certifications:

The manufacturer we use for t-shirts have the following certifications:

  • Cotton USA ensures that at least 50% of the cotton used is from USA. The cotton must comply with American laws related to cultivation
  • The OEKO-TEX certification shows that all textiles that our manufacturer uses have been tested and confirmed free of harmful content, which means that the product is harmless in an ecological sense. Read more here:
  • Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production investigate the production and make sure that it happens in a legal and ethical way all over the world. Read more here:

The certifications ensure that the conditions at the manufacturer are quality assured and controlled by external, independent inspectors.