MII LEAT (north sámi for “we are”) is a sami clothing brand that focuses on showcasing sámi language, culture and history through clothing and accessories.

We want to make sámi language, culture and history more visible, hoping that more people will embrace, show off and perhaps even learn some sámi.

We make most of our design ourselves, but we also cooperate from time to time with various artists. Do you know of any cool artists we should cooperate with? We would love to hear your tips: post@miileat.no

Our products is for everybody; whether you’re a proud sámi, interested in sámi culture, if you think a design is cool or if you’re just in the need of a comfy and cool sweater – MII LEAT is for everybody🌱

For generations, the Sami have lived in harmony with nature in a sustainable way and so will MII LEAT. We have therefore chosen to cooperate with manufacturers that have certifications showing that environmental and ethical requirements are met. Read more about how our manufacturers ensures a sustainable production here.

How MII LEAT came to be

I have been looking for everyday clothes with Sami elements on for several years. I’ve always wanted to show off my saminess, and spread awareness about it – making the sami’s more visible, and I wanted more clothing options. After a lot of back and forth and a lot of research, I decided to try to develop something myself. Something simple, clean and comfy, that showcase sámi language, culture and history. Maybe people could learn some sami words or history as well? That has been my focus in the development: to contribute to pride, knowledge and maybe a bit of fascination for the sami languages – they are so colorful and beautiful 💚💛❤️💙

Hope you like it!

-Anja Johnsen Thonhaugen