Terms of sale

You can pay with Visa card, Mastercard, American Express or via VIPPS, this is selected at the checkout. The amount is reserved when ordering, but is not charged until the item has been sent from us.

Shipping costs
Norway: 90 NOK for shipping. Free shipping for orders over 1000 NOK.
Outside of Norway: 200 NOK for shipping.

Terms of sale abroad
The customer is responsible for local costs such as VAT and customs.

Delivery time
Estimated delivery time is 10-14 days in Norway. For packages abroad the delivery time will be longer. For backorders, longer delivery times will be added.

Bytte- og angrerett
From the time you receive the item, you have a 14-day right of exchange and withdrawal. The item must then be returned unused with a label and must be packed in the original packaging. The receipt must follow. The customer is responsible for safe return and pays the shipping costs. Write to post@miileat.no if you want to swap item and let us know what you want to swap into.

Right of complaint
The right of complaint applies for 2 years from the item is received. The right of complaint does not apply to normal wear and tear, only production defects and receipts must be submitted. Contact us at post@miileat.no if you want to send a complaint to us.

Conflict resolution
Complaints are addressed to the seller within a reasonable time. The parties shall endeavor to resolve any disputes amicably. If this does not succeed, the buyer can contact the Consumer Council for mediation. The Consumer Council is available on telephone +47 23 400 500 or www.forbrukerradet.no.

Standard terms of sale for consumer purchases of goods over the Internet

Otherwise, the Consumer Agency’s standard terms of sale apply, which you can read by clicking here

Return address:
Anja Thonhaugen
Sandakerveien 23 A
0473 Oslo

Contact information MII LEAT AS:
Organization number: 926 388 983
E-mail: post@miileat.no